Ashita (Vers. 2.)

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Ashita (Vers. 2.)

Post by Akira on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:13 pm

How to run FFXi through Ashita

1.  Download Ashita [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

  • Make sure to download any programs listed under REQUIREMENTS.
  • Read and follow directions thoroughly.

2.  Install Ashita.

3.  Run Ashita.

  • You may need to run this program as an administrator for it to execute or work properly.

4.  Customize your Ashita settings.

  • It will look like this.

  • Click "PRIVATE SERVER" so it's highlighted with a blue box, and then press the pencil button at the bottom.
  • Under "WINDOW", customize your screen settings.
  • Your "BOOT SETTINGS" under "ASHITA" should look like this:
    BOOT FILE:  .\\ffxi-bootmod\\pol.exe
    BOOT COMMAND:  --server
    STARTUP SCRIPT:  Default.txt (You can change this if you want.)
  • To automatically log in, you can edit your "BOOT COMMAND" to look like this:
    BOOT COMMAND:  --server --user putyourusername --pass putyourpassword

5.  When this is complete, hit the check mark button at the bottom.  This will finalize your settings.  

6.  You should be back at the original screen.  hit the arrow next to "PRIVATE SERVER" and your game will start!

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